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 Overzicht epidemiologische signalen

 Aperçu des signaux épidémiologiques



All information related to infectious disease threats and outbreaks within and outside Eu​rope: eCDC​ 

Nieuw in België!


Mazelen in Wallonië​ (Jan-Dec 2017, update 14/02/2018)

SGA infecties (Maart 2017)

Hepatitis bij MSM​ (Juli 2017)


Difterie​​ (Maart 2016)

Gele koorts​​ (Juni 2016)

Griepseizoen​ (Maart 2017)

Louse-borne relapsing fever​​  ​​​​(Juli 2015)

MERS-Coronavirus (December 2016)
Poliomyelitis (September 2015)
Rabiës (September 2016)

​​​​​​​Virale hemorragische koorts​​​​​​​ (Juni 2016)

Zika (November 2016)

All information related to infectious disease threats and outbreaks within and outside Europe: eCDC​ 

Nouveau en Belgique !

Mises à jour 


Diphtérie​ (Mars 2016)

Fièvre jaune​  ​(Juin 2016)

MERS-Coronavirus (Décembre 2016)
​​​​​​Poliomyélite​ (Septembre 2015)

Ragepremier cas chez une chauve-souris en Belgique (Septembre 2016)


Viral hemorrhagic fever

Epidemiological situation 

1) Ebola outbreak in West Africa 

After an epidemic lasting for more than 2 years, with a last flare up in March 2016, WHO declares the end of Ebola virus transmission in the 3 countries Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in June. Updates of the epidemiological situation are therefore interrupted on 09/06/2016, until the occurrence of a new event.
Countries with high transmission (data as of 02/06/2016)
Countries   Start Number of cases Deaths   Status
March 2014 3 814 2 544   Ebola free on 01/06/2016
Liberia    April 2014 10 678 4 810   Ebola free on 09/06/2016
Sierra Leone 
May 2014 14 124 3 956   Ebola free on 17/03/2016
Total     28 616 11 310    

2) Other outbreaks

Countries Affected areas Virus Start Number of cases Death   Status
Democratic Republic of Congo Lagos and Port Harcourt Ebola virus type Zaïre, other strain than the one in West Africa 11/08/2014 66 49   Outbreak over on 15/11/2014
Uganda   Marburg 30/09/2014 1 1   Outbreak over on 11/11/2014

Links of interest

Regional: Vlaams Agentschap Zorg en Gezondheid
International: ECDC

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