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Surveillance van tekenbeten
Meld een opgelopen tekenbeet bij uzelf of iemand anders via de knop hiernaast en beantwoord enkele korte vraagjes. Dit neemt minder dan 2 minuten in beslag en is volledig anoniem.


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Surveillance des morsures de tiques
Signalez une morsure de tique chez vous ou un tiers sur ce site, chaque fois que vous êtes mordus, en cliquant sur le bouton ci-contre et en répondant à quelques brèves questions. Ceci est entièrement anonyme et prendra moins ​de 2 minutes.

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Coronavirus (visit our Dutch or French page for more information)​​

Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases aims to understand the evolution of infectious diseases in order to prevent them and therefore to contribute to a better health.
Infectious diseases have always been around from vaccine preventable, emerging, zoonotic, food and waterborne, vector-​borne, to those transmitted from person to person, the action is guided by a holistic approach recognizing the interaction between microbes, people, fauna and the environment.
Epidemiology is science for public health requiring the use of an appropriate methodology for surveillance, impact assessment, risk assessment and support in outbreak management. 
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